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This site is for people who needs a solution of their problem or a professional answer on their question.

After 20 years of work in IT I got an epirience which would like to share with you , my Client.

The rules are easy, you find a topic read what is done by me in this theme and click to the contact reference. You send me e-mail with your request in English or German and receive answer. If you requested some service, or need a guarantee I will send you the agreement. You will sign it and send me by fax or scanned JPEG in e-mail. If the request is just to have an idea what to do you will get an advice for free. But any how we will do approve of your personality. With a first request you will send me your registration form and get back the client ID and request ID which you will have to put in a subject of your mail for any next request (Client id) or mail related to the same request. If you have a PGP we can use this software to make our work more secured. You will send me a public key and receive my and all mails will be signed and encrypted. 

On sit services are available in Aachen, Dusseldorf, Duisburg,Krefeld, Brussel, Liege Koln(Cologne)